Physiotherapy as a life changing impact on infants and children

Physiotherapy as a life changing impact on infants and children

Physiotherapy is having a variety of benefits for infants as well children. For instance, it helps in providing them a good posture, treating injuries, helps in reducing or eliminating pain, enhances muscle functions, provides right position and movement to the body, creates age oriented development skills, overcoming growth hindrances and many more.

Giving a physical therapy to a children or an infant includes many techniques or methods such as massaging, muscle kneading, stretching, exercises for head control, mobility, flexibility and balancing, ball training exercises, aquatic therapy, safety and prevention training, adaptive equipment training and many more.

Physiotherapy services

Physiotherapy is of 6 types i.e. Pediatric Physical Therapy, Geriatric Physical Therapy, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Neurological Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Physical Therapy, and Cardiovascular/Pulmonary Physical Therapy. Each type is physiotherapy is tailored to provide some specific services. Some of the additional services of physiotherapy are mobilization of the joint, manipulation of joints, PIM (Physiotherapy instrument mobilization), METs (Minimal energy techniques), Neurodynamics, stretching of muscles, gentle massaging and soft tissue methods, physiotherapy taping, acupuncture and dry needling, physiotherapy exercises, biomechanical analysis, sports physiotherapy, workplace physiotherapy and much more.


Rehabilitation is all about restoring an individual’s full potential through several trainings and therapies in order to give them an active lifestyle.
It has been proven that rehabilitation provides faster recovery, increases mobility of joints, and improves activity levels. Rehabilitation overall provides a quality life to an individual.

Rehabilitation physical therapy can help in the following ways:

  • It provides treatment, advice, and support to an individual.
  • It provides a faster recovery
  • It provides help in managing stamina in case of asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, or any other major health condition or injury
  • It helps in improving strength and joint mobility
  • It ensures normalcy of an individual
  • It helps in creating healthy boundaries
  • It provides new living standards and habits

Importance of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy plays a prominent role in an individual’s life who has suffered from any disorder, disability or injury. Physiotherapy is important in the following ways:

  • Proper physiotherapy helps in reducing or eliminating pain. In other words, it assists in pain management
  • It helps in treating neurological disorders such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease etc
  • It helps in curing cardiopulmonary conditions.
  • Physiotherapists suggest a variety of exercises to an individual. Those exercises are very beneficial for complete recovery and also help in the mobility of the joints
  • It assists in dealing with strains, sprains, back pain, sports and workplace injuries and many more.


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