How Physical Therapy Can Help You After Pregnancy

How Physical Therapy Can Help You After Pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth can be a topic of great delight and joy but along with this they can even be very hard on the body of mother. But some simple physiotherapy exercises and some healthy habits can really help in coping up with the changes that have occurred during pregnancy.

Physiotherapy is a kind of treatment for injuries, diseases, pain, or deformity with the help of some physical methods like exercise, massage, etc instead of using surgeries and drugs.

Symptoms that the mother experienced through pregnancy such as low back pain and pelvic pain or the symptoms that may have arose as when the mother has started taking care of the newborn and household like hip pain and shoulder pain can be cured with some simple physiotherapy exercises.

After pregnancy, the mother is advised for optimal completion of activities concerned with caring for new born, carrying, and lifting. A physical therapist will use methods such as manual therapy and therapeutic exercises in order to cure post pregnancy symptoms and prevent their recurrence. Manual therapy methods are related with neural mobilization, soft tissue (tendons, ligaments, and muscles) mobilization, and joint mobilization. Due to overuse of weak muscles, tendinitis in some body regions like shoulders or hip often occur, and they can be treated well with soft tissue mobilization as well as friction massage. Neural mobilization techniques are beneficial is restoring the ability of the muscles to glide between soft tissue areas. Joint mobilization methods are helpful in restoring movement of joints and optimal position that were affected by bad posturing during pregnancy and post- partum.

Strength training of the women’s lower body and upper body is very important as it helps in regaining and restoring the functional activity level of the mother prior to pregnancy. A body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy phase. The muscles stretch a lot and especially the abdomen and pelvic floor muscles and the ligaments get softened.

Physiotherapy For Back Pain

New mothers must take care of their back in order to reduce, eliminate or prevent any kind of back problem including back pain as new mothers are more prone to back problems because of lifting and bending more than normal.

In order to take care of back, physiotherapists may advice:

  • Following good postural habits
  • Not lifting heavy objects and avoiding bending much
  • Work at tables or benches at waist height
  • Using good back support chairs only
  • Do not hold the baby on one hip

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